• Gretel Coetzee

    ''Music finds its way where the rays of the sun cannot penetrate'' - Kierkegaard
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Soprano, Voice Teacher, Educator

Gretel Coetzee is equally at home singing Schubert, Bach or Puccini. She was born in South Africa, but since 2002 she has made beautiful Namibia her home. Frequent collaboration with artists from South Africa and Europe inspires her to continue exposing young people to the wonders of singing and music. 

Thula thu, Thula Baba
Arranged by G. Coetzee
(isiZulu Traditional)

Thula thu, thula baba thula sana
Thul’ u bab’ uzobuya ekuseni.
Thula thu, thula mtwana thula sana
Thul’u bab’ uzobuya enthabeni.

Sobe si khona a baye beshoyo
Bethi buyela u buye le khaya
Sobe si khona a baye beshoyo,
Bethi buya mtwana ubuye le khaya

Thula thula, thula sana
Thula thula, thula baba
Thula thula, thula mtwana
Thula thula, thula ba…

Thula thu, Thula Baba
English Translation

Hush, little man, hush, child of mine
Daddy is coming in the morning
Hush, my child, hush, my son
Hush, Daddy is coming from the mountains

We will be here, as the saying goes -
They were saying; come back home
We will be here, as the saying goes -
I say come back, my child, come to your home

Hush, hush, my son
Hush, hush, my little man
Hush, hush, my child
Hush, hush, my little man

Translated by G. Coetzee
Copyright © 2010 Gretel Coetzee